About Us
About Us

AZAK was established in Konya (1979). First of all it had produced refrigerator. Afterwards it went on to produce the evaporator of refrigerators for commercial system in 1983.

It incorparated and was called as Azak Industry and Trade Inc. Since 2000s we can produce :
-     Air-cooled condensers
-    Refrigerant evaporators
-    Hot and cold water accumulators
-    Hot and cold steam accumulators
-    Fluid coolers
-    Dry coolers

It can produce as per order condenser evaporator. Thus it is called as a reformer, leader, reliable factory  in that sector.

We make production according to International organization for standardization 9007-2008 and for  our factory, it is the most important principle which include in customer delight. It expands machine park with the last modern technology. It works up the production  and  the range of products. 
Azak  has with an area of 10.000 square meter in Konya.  The quality of our  products and services are the quality of our employees. It serves in both domestic and foreing refrigeration sector with its expert team.